How we specialise in manufacturing bespoke furniture components

bespoke product design and furniture components

At Dovetailors, we are known for the quality of our craftsmanship when it comes to manufacturing bespoke furniture components.

The commercial side of our business continues to grow and companies looking to push the boundaries of design can be confident in our engineering skills matched with our traditional wood-working techniques.

We have developed unique products made with precision in the upholstery and furniture industries for trial or prototypes.

Curved frames and designer components for sofas are just one of our specialities. We can help bring these products to the market by offering a small batch (low volume) run but also have the capability to manufacture in large quantities.

Whether its bespoke furniture components for quality chairs, benches and sofa frames or table legs and stools, we have the expertise to take designs and bring a concept to life.

We already work with established high-end furniture retailers, design consultants and budding start-ups taking their first steps into production to help them achieve their furniture design objectives.

With CAD CAM and CNC furniture technology at our disposable coupled with our team’s skills in traditional techniques of furniture making, we can create intricate product components or one-off components.

Our CNC cutting machine allows us to drill, profile and shape a wide range of materials including solid timber, MDF, plywood, and compact grade laminate. With FSC® certification, we use high-quality birch ply in our furniture frames for sofas, chairs and benches.

Creating bespoke furniture components and parts has become a key part of our business and we deliver high-end pieces in a cost-effective way whilst never compromising on quality. Our aim is to help our commercial partners realise their vision and share our knowledge on the best approach to complete their project.

As we look to the future, we are excited about the work ahead and expanding the commercial side of our business still further. We have the expertise to collaborate on joint design projects and bring innovative and original furniture pieces to the UK and global market.

FSC trademark licence number ‘FSC® C007915’