Showpiece Console Table for an Elegant Hallway

This burr oak console table was designed by our creative director David Wilson as a statement piece for a customer’s hallway.

The design demonstrates how technology is enabling us to create designs that would have been impossible without the computer aided techniques we now have the benefit of.

We always design first and worry about construction later. When we have the look and functionality worked out, we enjoy the challenge involved in converting that into a fully working piece of furniture.

This console table has elegant curves and graceful lines, making it a real feature of the entrance hall it was designed for. Look beyond that beautiful exterior and there’s a hardworking piece of furniture that’s ready and waiting waiting to store all kinds of bits and bobs such as keys, gloves, pens and books.

Woods_console open v3[2]

The lift lid allows quick access and the pivot drawers are cleverly concealed when shut. We created a delightful opening mechanism that makes this piece even more of a feature.

The console table has been made in oak and burr oak with ebony stringing. As with all our work, function is prime and design evolves around that practicality. Design without function is either useless, or art.