How we work with interior designers

work with interior designers

As we’ve recently completed some exciting work with interior designers we thought it would be useful for us to explain where we fit into the mix when customers use interior design experts for a new kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

At Dovetailors we regularly work with interior designers to develop their ideas and create bespoke furniture, kitchens and unique pieces of furniture that match the style and character of the home they are being made for.

Our role is to interpret the function and style priorities of the customer along with the creative concepts of the designer. We can then use our craftsmanship and manufacturing expertise to make those thoughts and dreams a reality.

Our work with interior designers

Interior designers are often working on a whole house or a detailed room scheme and they are looking for someone to work with them to bring their ideas to life. They will look at colours, textures, lighting and accessories to deliver a complete look for their customer.

We can help them make the best use of the space available and we can also advise them on the most appropriate materials and furniture making techniques.

Interior designers like working with us because we take time to listen and understand. They are also attracted by the fact that we are master craftsmen who will make everything in house to their exact specifications. Our standards are as high as theirs and we use the best possible materials and methods to guarantee superior build quality and durability.

Making fitted furniture for interior designers

When we work with interior designers, the layout and colour scheme is often already agreed with the customer. We work collaboratively with the designer and the customer to maximise the potential of the layout. We can often suggest additional features and functionality such as tailored storage space and push to open drawers.

When it comes to style, there isn’t anything we can’t make. We have made bold bespoke bedrooms, elegant fitted bathrooms and classic painted fitted kitchens. Thanks to the technology we have available to us in our workshop we can often push the boundaries of design to create something really striking, if that’s what the customer wants.

Making bespoke furniture for interior designers

As well as making fitted furniture and kitchens, we also design individual pieces of commissioned furniture. Interior designers often want a specific size or style of table or cabinet to finish off a room scheme. Often there isn’t anything suitable in the shops and this is where we can really add value.

Our furniture is made to measure and because we are highly experienced in making individual bespoke furniture we can make exactly what the designer is looking for to complete the look.