Designing and Making Curved Furniture

Bespoke art deco kitchen curved central island unit

Designing and making curved furniture is an art and, despite the challenges involved, we believe this type of work showcases our skills in a very unique way.

Curves are far easier to design into a project than they once were, thanks to the sophisticated design technology we have available to us. What would have been impossible in the past can now be achieved and our main challenge comes when we recreate our elegant curved designs into real furniture in the workshop.

What we love about curved furniture is its elegance. It’s pleasing to the eye and has a strong sense of movement. We draw inspiration from the world around us and from furniture makers like Judy Kensley McKie who creates beautifully sculptural pieces that are useful pieces of furniture and works of art in their own right.

Curves can be used to add a contemporary edge to a classically styled piece of furniture. They can create flow and character to a bespoke fitted kitchen, bedroom or bathroom and they can accentuate the beauty of certain woods and finishes.

Here are some examples of our favourite bespoke furniture projects that use curves to great effect.

Curved Furniture: Arpeggio Coffee Table

Our Arpeggio coffee table is one of our all time favourites. It is a practical piece of furniture that is also a rare beauty.
Burr walnut veeners are hand-laid and book-matched by our team.
The top rests on elegant curved walnut supports and can be given a matt satin or stunning piano finish.

bold kitchen design

Curved Kitchen: Art deco kitchen

Curves give this innovative Art Deco Kitchen design real glamour and create a natural flow around a central island. Curved drawers swivel out in either direction and the handleless design gives the whole kitchen a minimalist elegance. In true Art Deco style, the emphasis is on geometry and symmetry with soft, flowing lines throughout.

Curved Cabinets: Classic painted bespoke kitchen

The homeliness of the tongue and groove paneling in this classic painted kitchen is updated with curved quadrants and contemporary soft lines. We designed the cornices with a hint of Art Deco styling to match room mouldings so that the kitchen design enhances the room and becomes an integral part of it. The frames are made from American Tulipwood and the drawers are dovetailed. Carcasses are made from real oak veneered MDF for stability.


Curved Unit: Bespoke Oak media cabinet

This was quite an unusual commissioned furniture project which involved building a solid oak frame, around which curved burr oak panels form the elliptical shape. The focus here was very much on fluidity and elegance, making the most of the curves, arches and rich tones of the burr oak to create character and interest.

Curved furniture is one of our specialities and if you have a project you’d like to discuss, whether it’s an individual piece of furniture or a bespoke kitchen, fitted bedroom, home office or handmade bathroom, we’d love to hear from you. Call 0113 256 7376