At Dovetailors, each member of our team brings their own unique perspective and skillset; together we share a passion for craftsmanship and contemporary furniture design.

Every design is as individual as the customer we are creating it for and each project is a journey of creativity. If you have something in mind that you simply can’t find anywhere else, you have come to the perfect place. We do not make reproductions or copies.

Whether we are working with individuals to design a special piece of furniture for their home, or a business looking for high end wood component manufacturing, we are committed to delivering quality and originality every single time.

david wilson creative director of dovetailors

David Wilson

Creative Director

“Designing is a journey that starts with an unusual idea or a simple request and can sometimes take you to a very different destination. It’s a journey that can be exciting and rewarding for both myself and the client.”


David’s passion for design and innovation is the inspiration behind Dovetailors’ stylish range of products. As a master cabinetmaker and designer, with a PhD in engineering, he has the ability to combine traditional craftsmanship with cutting edge computer assisted design technology to push boundaries in design and production.

Customers appreciate his ability to blend his aptitude for technical design and his furniture making expertise to interpret their brief and develop their initial ideas. From handmade home accessories to complete kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, he takes an initial idea and works closely with his customers to make it a reality, considering the practical requirements as well as the aesthetics of the finished piece.

Dovetailors Team - Emmanuelle Bastide-Wilson - Managing Director

Emmanuelle Bastide-Wilson

Managing Director

“My favourite aspect of Dovetailors is seeing the sheer variety in design and technique coming out of our workshop. We have a great team who will use their combined skills, experience and creativity to ensure every single customer can achieve their vision”


Emmanuelle is the driving force behind Dovetailors’ commercial growth, helping us achieve our wider vision of delivering superior creative, engineering and technological services to all of our customers, whether business or domestic.

She works tirelessly to ensure Dovetailors is continually developing its capabilities and exceeding expectations, establishing systems and processes that ensure deadlines are met and the customer is always the focus. She enjoys supporting our commercial customers with their own business growth, whether they are budding designers or established businesses looking for small batch production and prototyping.

Dovetailors Team - Craig Dalziel - Head Furniture Maker

Craig Dalziel

Head Maker

Craig originally hails from Edinburgh and we feel lucky at Dovetailors that he has found his way to Leeds, where he trained at Leeds College of Art and Design. We have seen Craig grow from trainee furniture designer and maker to Dovetailors’ formidable head maker today.

When he isn’t designing and making furniture, Craig is enjoying his other passion – rugby, a pastime that has helped to nurture the sense of determination and focus that adds a unique dimension to his role with Dovetailors.

Dovetailors Team - Matthew Bertola - Furniture maker

Matthew Bertola

Furniture Maker

Matthew joined Dovetailors two years ago, having originally trained in sculpture and fine art at the University of Sheffield. A born and bred Yorkshireman with an artistic streak, he first developed a passion for wood when using it as a medium for sculpture.

Matthew continues to develop his artwork in his spare time and we are fortunate to benefit from his artistic inspiration in the workshop too.


Charlotte Fitzpatrick

Furniture Maker

Charlotte began her career at Dovetailors when she came to the workshop for work experience. At the time she was a part-time student in furniture making at Leeds College of Building.

She is now a fully fledged member of the Dovetailors team who demonstrates a great team ethic and keenness to learn new skills. She has a great flair for furniture design and a bright future as a furniture maker.

John Gabler

Designer (until 08/2016)

“There is something incredibly satisfying about transforming a tree, a living growing raw material, into a piece of furniture that will become part of someone’s everyday life and remain so for many years to come.”


John is a highly skilled and creative designer maker who played an important role in the evolution of Dovetailors. During his time with us he helped us develop our production processes and put in place ways of working that have allowed us to streamline the workshop and enhance our manufacturing capabilities.

His passion for furniture making began when he worked on a ranch in Colorado, where the native Aspen trees would be chopped down and dragged back to the ranch by horses. As a consequence he has a real love of wood and an appreciation of its versatility and natural properties.

Jason designer at Dovetailors

Jason Winder


“Ever since I can remember I have been designing, drawing, dismantling, building and creating.”

Jason has had a long association with Dovetailors and developed his career in our workshop after studying degrees in both product design and fine furniture making.

He has an exceptional talent for design and for making beautifully functional furniture. His influence can be seen in a number of the pieces in our range.