Floating wall shelves that won’t let you down 

floating wall shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to display cherished collectables or striking ornaments but they do have a tendency to disappoint. The problem is that many suspended shelves have been designed for looks rather than practicality which means they can bow under the pressure of everyday use. If you’ve ever had a wall shelf that has started to pull away from the wall, lean forward or bend in the middle you’ll know exactly what we mean.

Fully loaded

At Dovetailors we believe a floating shelf should be strong enough to bear even the heaviest loads.  Our unique design has been specially engineered to have a minimal look and a mighty capacity, which means you can use it to display all your favourite books without taking up any floor space at all. We use traditional mortice and tenon jointing for extra strength and a robust wall-mounted frame. The top and bottom shelves are fixed to the wall and the middle ones float free, giving an illusion of light and space.

Made to measure

floating wall shelves

Our curved floating wall shelves can be custom made to any size. At Dovetailors we make everything to order which gives our customers the flexibility to specify their own requirements. If you want it taller, shorter, wider or narrower we can tailor the design to fit your space. Perhaps you want a matching pair for two alcoves in a room or a taller, slimmer version to make use of a tight space. Whatever you’re looking for we can make something to your dimensions.


floating wall shelves

Our curved wall shelves evolved from a bespoke project we designed for a customer. They were looking for shelving that would be an interiors feature in its own right without intruding on the room’s space. We came up with a curved design that sits on the wall, leaving the floor space below free. The shape curves out from the top and back in at the bottom, creating a sleek and very minimalist look. The top and bottom shelves are fixed to the wall whilst the middle ones float free from the wall, giving an illusion of light and space.

Colour pop

floating wall shelves

Our original design was built in oak and is still available but since then we have experimented with other finishes, including painted wood. As we started exploring ways of adding colour and a contemporary edge to our curved shelf design we realised that Formica offered the perfect solution. Formica works well with the end grain of ply to create a striking edge and the range of colours available is almost endless.  We love working and designing with Formica and we enjoy discovering different ways to use it. Our customers can now choose to have their floating shelves made in any of the Formica colours to add a modern pop to their living space.