How to find the best wood component manufacturer for your product

wood component manufacture

What should you consider when choosing a wood component manufacturer to work with you on a commercial project?  You’ll be looking at the experience, expertise and reliability of each potential partner company along with quality, speed, capacity, cost and design skill.

At Dovetailors we’re experts in component design and manufacture, using state-of-the-art CAD, CAM and CNC facilities in combination with traditional woodworking techniques to design and manufacture bespoke wooden components, furniture parts and prototypes. Our CAD and CAM files are exportable and can then be used by third parties, or we can use them to manufacture the component ourselves.

Craftsmanship and quality

There’s no doubt that you want your product to look as good as it can, with a highly professional finish and attention to detail. Our master craftsmen combine their skills with the use of advanced machinery to produce stunning, high quality and long-lasting products and wood components.

Dovetailors continues to invest in the best machinery and the highest calibre employees, because we strive to maintain the craftsmanship and quality that underpins everything we do.


You want someone to care as much about your product as you do. We know how important it is for all our customers that we apply the same approach to every project, even the smallest wooden furniture component. Our approach has helped us grow from a small designer maker in to one of the North’s top furniture designers.

Experience and expertise

To ensure your product is the best it can be, you need an experienced team made up of both master craftsmen and skilled designers. Dovetailors has been producing bespoke wooden components and furniture for a variety of customers for more than a decade. We are experts in all types of timber and wood veneers, and so are able to recommend and source the right wood for your project.

Reliability and competitive price

You need to find a wood component manufacturer who not only produces items that meet your requirements, but also delivers them on time and within budget. Our components are priced competitively while still retaining the high quality and craftsmanship for which we have become known.

Good communication

We’ve worked closely with many of our clients for years, and they love the highly personal service we provide. We listen carefully to our customers’ design needs to ensure that we can interpret them into imaginative solutions. We can take a project from the early stages right through to completion to ensure a client’s vision and requirements remain at the forefront of our design and manufacturing process.

We can also offer advice on materials, technicalities and finishing, as well as a prototype service if needed.

Creativity and imagination

We take an imaginative approach to all our design work, finding creative solutions that meet our clients’ needs exactly. However big or small the job is, we will apply the same level of creativity, detail and quality.

Design skills

You need someone who can translate your ideas and vision into reality. You might have sketched a rough outline of what you’d like, or you might just have a vague concept. Whatever stage you’re at with your idea, you need a professional designer to take that idea and create exact digital 3D drawings. At Dovetailors, our highly skilled in-house team combine state-of-the-art computer-assisted design technology with traditional techniques in woodworking.

Volume production

Another thing to consider is how many components you need to be produced, and whether your chosen wood component manufacturer can meet your demands. The Dovetailors workshop is flexible enough to cater for small runs as well as larger ones.


You want to choose a manufacturer who has a proven track record of outstanding work, and has built up a reputation for professionalism and quality of work. We have been praised time and again by our clients for providing an all-round service that encompasses all the factors mentioned above.

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