Dovetailors Collaboration with Designer Ric Frampton

Ric Frampton

We are extremely excited about our latest designer collaboration with Ric Frampton and now have two of his extending dining table designs available on our website.

Ric’s approach puts the customer at the heart of the design process by using digital data to understand what buyers are looking for in a product. His design process starts with analysis of website statistics to profile the customer and find a niche based on demographics, trends, cost expectations and design preferences. He then began developing his designs using the information he had gathered to consider the features and design elements that would be most desirable to customers who might be looking for a handcrafted and individually designed product of this quality.

Ric really understands the importance of being able to customise a product to suit different customer preferences. He has come up with some standard options, which include a natural oak frame with natural oak top and a dark ash frame with the option of natural oak, aggregate or lino tops. Customers can also go fully bespoke.

​We loved Ric’s ideas from the outset and were delighted to be able to share our experience of working with wood and manufacturing furniture and wood components to help him resolve some of the challenges that lay between the design process and production.

Ric said: “David and Emmanuelle at Dovetailors had some key criteria to meet when we developed this concept and their knowledge of wood is second to none.”

David said: “With extending tables it is notoriously difficult to keep the mechanism hidden without compromising the design so we worked hard to solve this together using some rather clever engineering.”

We were also able to advise Ric on the most efficient way to manufacture his tables and we are now making them to order in our workshop.

There are two Ric Frampton designs on our website, each with a very different look and feel but the same sleek, minimalist style and beautiful functionality.

Ric’s round extending dining table design seats 4 people when closed and 6 when extended to its oval form. The elegant gateleg design means everyone can sit comfortably and the table looks stylish whether open or closed. There is a ply edge option for the top which adds a contemporary twist.

The stepped rectangular extending dining table combines Art Deco style with modern minimalism in one stunning and very unique design.  It seats 6-8 people when closed and up to 12 when extended, making it great for large gatherings.

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