What can I do if I can’t find the furniture I’m looking for online?

online furniture at home in the kitchen contemporary-dining-table in maple

Never before have there been so many places to buy furniture online so why is it still so difficult to find just the thing you’re looking for?

Most home furnishing websites sell very similar products – or even the same products under different names. Even premium online furniture retailers offer very little scope for customisation which can make life difficult if you have an awkwardly shaped room or a specific size or functional requirement.

Another reason why it can be hard to find what you’re looking for online is when you want something unique. It might be shelves or drawers in an unusual size to accommodate a particular object or tailored workspace for tools or equipment. Or perhaps you have a certain style or material in mind and nothing you’ve seen online looks quite right.

If you have been trawling the web and just haven’t found what you’re looking for you may want to consider bespoke furniture design.

What is bespoke furniture design?

True bespoke design involves taking that idea in your mind or sketch on a piece of paper and bringing it to life in a furniture maker’s workshop, like ours at Dovetailors. Our customers love being part of the journey between that first discussion and the moment their finished furniture is delivered. It is an enjoyable, creative and rewarding experience, watching the design take shape.

Because we make each item from scratch, all the products that appear on our website can also be tailored to suit. So, if you already like one of our designs but would like it made in a different material or size, we can help.

Is bespoke furniture expensive?

Bespoke furniture is made to measure and built to last. The final price will take into account the time and skill involved in the design and making process, which will involve traditional manufacturing techniques to achieve a robust structure and quality finish. We are used to working within individual budgets and often by tweaking and simplifying the design we can reduce the time spent on making by using fewer processes or simpler construction techniques. Quite often we find that this can lead to an improved look, so we can achieve both a better price and a superior design. If you are looking for something special that can’t be found online then bespoke furniture represents excellent value for money and offers a product that is unique to you.

How creative can I be?

Thanks to computer aided design, the possibilities are huge. Technology allows us to make some pretty complex mathematical calculations during the design process to create curves, angles and all sorts of innovative styles. Combine this with the knowledge and experience of our creative director David, who has a PhD in engineering, and you’ll start to understand just how ambitious we can get.

For a flavour of some of the design work we have already completed for customers take a look at this bespoke media cabinet