6 months on: How our new CNC machine has transformed our commercial capabilities 

5 Axis CNC Machine

It’s hard to believe that it’s been six months since we installed a second CNC machine in our workshop. The new 5-axis CNC has become such an important part of our business already and a fascinating journey for our makers as they have started to learn what it is capable of.

From a commercial point of view, we have been able to improve production time and workflow on complex designs and expect to be able to refine this even further as our knowledge grows.

The new machine means less waste in the workshop and more possibilities in terms of what we can create. We can hollow out shapes, produce curved components and furniture more easily and angle drill holes, all of which gives us more design options and helps us problem solve for our customers more effectively.

From a creative perspective, getting to know the new machine has been a steep learning curve for everyone and we are all hungry to understand it better so that we can achieve even more. 

That’s why we will have started to set aside dedicated “creative time” in the workshop so that our makers can design, develop and experiment with different woods and techniques and get the most out of the fabulous facilities we now have at our disposal. Being able to take a little time out every now and again to do this without the commercial pressures of delivering a project will aid the creative process and enhance our learning and understanding.

We’re really excited about the prospect of exploring new ideas, discovering how to achieve different effects and gaining valuable experience on the machines. This will undoubtedly add to our problem-solving capabilities for customers and inform the design process. It will also help us find new ways to make things as efficiently as possible for our commercial clients.