5 tips for a stylish fitted kitchen


Whether it’s a hub for entertaining and socialising or preparing the family dinner, the kitchen is the central space in modern homes where everything should blend together seamlessly. A stylish fitted kitchen is made up of many ingredients and our design team here at Dovetailors can help you create something stunning. A bespoke kitchen where everything is handcrafted and made to measure will not only look beautiful but the quality will speak for itself.

Read our 5 tips for a stylish fitted kitchen:


Your kitchen is most likely the busiest area in your house so considering the layout carefully is really important. Depending on the shape and size of the room, we can work with you to design a space where everything is carefully positioned to work for you. If you are remodelling or extending, we can create a layout that is streamlined to fit every inch. All our bespoke kitchens are made to measure: a stylish fitted kitchen should not only look good but be functional too.


There are so many possibilities when it comes to design but most importantly any kitchen should reflect your style and personality. We have worked with customers to create everything from modern high gloss, minimalist, contemporary, Art-deco, country and traditional. If you are looking for some wow factor in your new stylish fitted kitchen, we can help. Our sleek, kitchen wave design is just one inspiring example. The sky really is the limit!


For clever storage, we can create curved and rounded cabinets or handleless for a minimalist feel. Deep pan drawers set on push to open runners are fabulous space savers too or what about a perfect bespoke cutlery drawer so everything has its rightful place? Open shelves, wall organisers, built-in spice racks or a built-in larder…we can create storage solutions for a clutter free, stylish fitted kitchen.

Worktops & cabinets

Bespoke worktops are not just a finishing touch but an essential feature. There are lots of choices from granite, solid wood, stainless steel, composite stone, marble and glass. Or for something a bit different, a combined worktop is a popular option. Natural woods create a warm and inviting feel to your space and we use only the best for our beautiful handcrafted cabinets. We will help you pick just the right materials to compliment your scheme for a truly stylish fitted kitchen.

Special features

It’s often the extras that can add real wow factor. It might be bespoke handles in metal, glass or wood, or tongue and groove panelling on the island cabinetry to create homely feel. Our bespoke kitchen design team have all the expertise to help you achieve all those stylish touches.