5 Things to Consider When Buying a New Dining Table

Extendable dining table in oak
Oak dining table
Oak Dining table (photograph by Tony May)

A new dining table is far more than just a place to eat. As the focal point for family gatherings, Christmas dinner, celebrations and socialising it is an important ingredient in any home.

As thoughts turn to seasonal entertaining, people often start to think about how and where family and friends will be catered for and whether their existing dining table is up to the job.

Choosing a new Dining Table

  1. Extending tables

Extending tables are always popular because of their versatility. Few people have the space or the need for a large table all year round but a cleverly designed, extendable table can be transformed in seconds to cater for a crowd and then tucked away neatly for everyday use. We have designed numerous extendable tables with various mechanisms including some with additional sections that double up as occasional tables or hallway consoles when not in use. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Reflect your style

Your table should fit seamlessly into your room scheme and your lifestyle. That means choosing a colour, shape and texture that complements your interiors as well as considering a design that will have the functionality to suit your routine. If you have a dedicated dining room where the table will form the centerpiece you can choose a dining table that will make a statement. If it will be your everyday table for eating, working and chatting then opt for a more practical design.

  1. Getting the size right

When you’re planning a new dining table take into account the need for space around it for seating. As a guide, 50 inches between table and wall will allow people space to walk round and sit down easily. As with all furniture, buying too big is a common mistake. We will advise on the optimum size for your room when we begin the design process and if you need more seats than your space appears to allow we will work with you to find some innovative solutions.

  1. Which shape?

Any table shape can be designed to fit a specific space and purpose. A made to measure rectangular table can look stunning in a long, narrow room and a neat semi-circular design can be tailored to fit on the end of an island unit or up against the wall in a kitchen or small dining area. Round tables are popular for smaller spaces and can be made with hidden leaves so that their seating capacity can easily expand. Oval or rectangular designs are particularly popular for large statement tables where they will form the focus of the room.

  1. Choosing your material

Oak never seems to go out of fashion and is a popular choice for dining tables. Its contemporary appearance makes it suitable for modern styles and its durability means it’s an excellent option for everyday use. The trend for lighter woods has seen increased demand for sycamore although darker mahogany colours are enjoying a bit of a revival. If you’re looking for something really unique that will create a talking point over dinner, ask us about adding wood detailing, combining wood and other materials such as metal or glass, and incorporating other eye-catching features into the design.