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Wood component manufacturing and trade partnerships make up a large proportion of our work.

With three CNC machines and a team of furniture designers who are highly experienced in complex CAD CAM and CNC programming, we offer an unrivalled and agile service for entrepreneurial furniture designers and top end consumer businesses.

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Wood Component Manufacturing

Our engineering expertise makes us the ideal creative partner for innovative companies that want to push the boundaries of design to create exciting furniture and upholstery for discerning customers.

Curved frames for upholstered sofas and chairs are a speciality and we produce a wide range of high quality components, with the capability to deliver speed, accuracy and volume. Precision components can be manufactured in solid or veneered wood or composite ply.

Our project management skills mean we make it as easy as possible for our commercial customers to have us as part of their supply chain.

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Manufacturing for Third Parties

We’re proud to work with innovative commercial partners and emerging furniture designers to bridge the gap between concept and production.

Up and coming British designers appreciate our CAD CAM and CNC capabilities, our design, manufacturing and prototyping expertise and our flexibility to offer small batch production.

Our commercial partners often come to us with a product idea which we help them design, develop and bring to market. We’ll then work with them to optimise production efficiency to support a sustainable business model.

Bespoke altar for Newport Cathedral - bespoke church furniture

Bespoke contract design

Inspired by a customer’s own design ideas and practical need, we love using our creativity to develop outstanding furniture solutions for architects, designers, individuals, businesses, churches and community groups.

Bespoke design is an exciting creative journey and we enjoy collaborating with our customers to solve their challenges, whether they are designing for a specific purpose or to complement a particular style or setting.

Our engineering expertise means we can incorporate sophisticated functionality for mobility and easy storage.

Furniture design and prototyping by Dovetailors

3D Modelling and Rendering

We can take design sketches – or even verbal descriptions – and create precise digital 3-D drawings of your product in digital format. From here we can create accurate component descriptions for export for CAM/CNC elsewhere.

For customers who want to use our CNC facilities for their own projects, we can generate CAM/CNC toolpaths for efficient production.

Design is our passion so we are always willing to advise on the aesthetics of a design and generate photographic quality image renders to explore a product’s market potential before committing to prototype and manufacture.

Dovetailors is FSC® Certified

Manufacturers and designers who are FSC® certified themselves can now use Dovetailors with confidence, knowing that we can guarantee to supply timber sourced from well-managed forests and other controlled sources. We use high quality sustainable birch ply in our furniture frames for use in sofas, chairs, benches and other items for commercial partners.

FSC trademark licence number ‘FSC® C007915’