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TRADE | Commercial furniture manufacture

Dovetailors works with commercial partners providing expertise on wood related product development and specialist furniture component manufacture. The companies we work with appreciate our problem-solving approach as well as our creative and technical expertise. Our engineering background gives us the unique ability to combine precision with creativity for outstanding results. We work with a range of furniture professionals from budding start-ups to experienced furniture designers, design consultants, architects and businesses to help them achieve their furniture design objectives.

    • Contract furniture design and concept
      We develop furniture design and furniture concepts from our customer’s own design ideas. We provide innovative individual furniture solutions to each customer.
    • Furniture design 3D modelling
      We model designs and render them in 3D using Rhino. We can take design sketches – even verbal descriptions – and create precise digital 3-D drawings of your product in a digital format of your choosing. We can create from this model, accurate component descriptions all of which can be exported for CAM/CNC elsewhere.
    • Furniture render
      We can generate CAM/CNC toolpaths for use on our CNC facilities or to be exported for third party use. We can also help you to assess proportions and aesthetics of your design by using the latest computer rendering techniques provided by V-Ray. We can also generate photographic quality image renders of your design that you can use to explore a product’s market potential without committing to expensive prototype and product manufacture.
    • Prototyping of furniture design
      Our expertise and tailored approach means we help furniture designers with prototyping their new designs so they have a clear path towards large scale production. Prototyping includes advice and technical help in testing and evolving designs.
    • Batch furniture manufacturing
      We help companies to bridge the gap between product development and prototyping and global scalability of their commercial furniture production, for manufacture in the country they sell in for example. We have the capability to manufacture in large quantities although our flexible.
    • Furniture part and component manufacture
      We work with designers to evolve new product lines or modify existing lines or introduce efficiencies in the production process. We work with many high end brands delivering a reliable and high quality bespoke specialist furniture parts and component manufacturing service.
    • Frames and curved frames production
      We have good experience of manufacturing sofa structures for high-end upholstered products (sofa, chairs, benches etc…). We specialise in curved frames for furniture companies and our engineering background makes us the ideal creative partner for innovative companies that want to push the boundaries of design.

Dovetailors is FSC® Certified

Manufacturers and designers who are FSC® certified themselves can now use Dovetailors with confidence, knowing that we can guarantee to supply timber sourced from well-managed forests and other controlled sources. We use high quality sustainable birch ply in our furniture frames for use in sofas, chairs, benches and other items for commercial partners.

Commercial furniture production

With state of the art CAD CAM and CNC facilities at our disposal, coupled with our team’s skills in the traditional techniques of furniture making, we design and make bespoke wooden parts and furniture components for a wide range of applications. Precision components can be manufactured in solid or veneered wood, or composite ply to integrate seamlessly with our customer’s products.

CNC Wood Cutting Service

Dovetailors’ CNC wood cutting service is flexible to assist our commercial customers with the best way forward to complete their project.

You may require us to generate the CAD files for you – simply send us a sketch of your design. You may already have CAD files – just send us your file. We are able to accept many file types – we find that vectorised files are easiest to work from for machining but we can work from photographs, 3D objects, sketches and drawings.

File Formats
Our software accepts the following file formats: .DXF, .DWG, .IGES, .SKP (SketchUp), Rhino, .STL, Solidworks, Postscript, Vectorised PDFs, we can also work from 3D files such as .3DA, .3DP, 3DS, 3D DXF, .STL, .OBJ, .DMT, IGS, & .IGE. If you are unsure just call us and we will advise you.

From a single component to complex furniture projects, we can CNC cut, drill profile & shape in a variety of materials (MDF, Plywood, Solid Timber, Wood, Compact Grade Laminate).

We make wooden parts and furniture components from jigs to intricate product components. We can cut wooden components from a flat sheet or 3D machined from a 3D surface file. We will advise you as to the best way to achieve your objective.

FSC trademark licence number ‘FSC® C007915’