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Try Our Truly Bespoke Online Design Service

Solid walnut mirror Cavetto mirror in walnut

13 Feb 2017BY JenniIN bespoke furniture mirrors CATEGORY WITH 0 COMMENTS

Try Our Truly Bespoke Online Design Service

We’ve lost count of the number of companies we come across offering furniture with a bespoke online design option but we have yet to find one that truly offers a tailor made service like ours.

When we launched our online range a couple of years ago we spent a lot of time making sure our online customers understood that the items available could inspire their own interpretation of the design as well as being bought just as they were.bespoke online design

One recent project is a perfect example of how our bespoke online design service works. A customer spotted our Art Deco inspired Cavetto mirror online and loved the style. She got in touch and asked if we could make her a full length version to her own measurements.

We are always delighted when one of our pieces captures someone’s imagination in this way. They can visualise how their own interpretation of the design might look in their home. By changing the size, shape or wood, adding metal or glass, making it taller or shorter or using the same style in a different piece of furniture altogether we can offer a truly bespoke service.

bespoke online designIt’s incredibly satisfying to know that our customers can have something that fits their exact needs and that they don’t just have to put up with what’s available.Admittedly, the whole process doesn’t take place online. In fact, for more complex projects such as fitted kitchens and bedrooms we will usually visit the customer at home. It can all happen remotely though, with discussions taking place by phone and designs being exchanged by email.

What our online showroom does offer, however, is a chance for customers all over the country to see our designs and be inspired. This is where the journey begins and the path it takes will be unique to each and every customer – just as bespoke design should be.