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Product development

Computer render product development

Computer Aided Design is at the Heart of our Product Development Offering.

We can undertake part all of your product development process. We can take design sketches – even verbal descriptions – and create precise digital 3-D drawings of your product in a digital format of your choosing. We can create from this model, accurate component descriptions all of which can be exported for CAM/CNC elsewhere.

We can generate CAM/CNC toolpaths for use on our CNC facilities or to be exported for third party use.

We can help you to assess proportions and aesthetics of your design by using the latest computer rendering techniques provided by V-Ray. We can also generate photographic quality image renders of your design that you can use to explore a product’s market potential without committing to expensive prototype and product manufacture.

MedRes-300x200DSC02585 CNC ellipse shelfOur Comprehensive CAD CAM facilities and design expertise enable us to work with entrepreneurs on product development and prototype creation.

With in-house engineering expertise and traditional manufacturing skills we can work out the best way to bring a product to market.

Whether you are still lat the design stage or are looking for small batch manufacture to test and evolve a prototype, we can work with you to find the perfect solution.

Our personal approach will ensure your product is designed, developed and manufactured in a way that suits your commercial needs and fits in with your target market.


One of our projects involved providing design expertise to street furniture specialist CitySquared, working with them to find the best style and manufacturing process for some of their product.

We have more recently worked with manufacturer of bespoke professional bass cabinet Tricky Audio helping them to optimise their production in order to meet increased demand from their customers.

We have worked with them on design for easier assembly and improved construction methods. We have increased their production from 1 a day to 6 a day.

Tricky Audio Greenboy bass cabinet Product Development

Jonny Hicks from Tricky Audio says:

Tricky Audio is the U.K. and E.U. authorised builder of the U.S. based Greenboy range of speaker enclosures. These are bespoke, full range, high output cabinets with an extended low frequency handling capability primarily used by bass players and other live musicians.

Tricky Audio has had the pleasure of working with Dovetailors to produce a CNC version of our bass speaker range. The partnership has been extremely positive and we have been particularly pleased with the innovation that Dovetailors has introduced to the production process.

This has led to refinements in the construction of the product, which has radically improved assembly procedures, taking us from being able to produce one bespoke speaker cabinet per day to six per day.

The resulting cabinets are more rigid and robust and far more capable of withstanding the rigours that live musicians put them through. Our business has benefitted hugely from the technical and design expertise of the Dovetailors team and we have found them a real pleasure to work with.”