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Furniture Components

CAD CAM of font

Precision  Furniture Components

Furniture Components being cut on our CNCSpecialist Design Service

With state of the art CAD CAM and CNC facilities at our disposal, coupled with our team’s skills in the traditional techniques of furniture making, we design and make bespoke wooden parts and furniture components for a wide range of applications.

Precision components can be manufactured in solid or veneered wood, or composite ply to integrate seamlessly with our customer’s products.

We can help you create digital component CAD files that you can then use specify and oursource componets. We can make digital models of existing physical items both wooden and non-wooden. And we can assist in the prototype development of furniture components resulting in exportable CAD and CAM file formats for use with third parties.

Finally, we have a long experience in producing specialist batch productions of furniture components for direct integration into your manufacturing process.


Testimony Our work

Dovetailors works hand in hand with Yorkshire Pianos to make components for their Cavendish collection of British instruments. From design to completion, we work hard to ensure that our carefully crafted parts meet their own goals, ethos and production schedule.

chat05Adam Cox of Yorkshire Pianos says: 

“Cavendish Pianos have worked closely with Dovetailors for a number of years. The design of a piano, although being somewhat prescriptive and practical, leaves ample room for design and interpretation. There have been literally hundreds of interpretations of a piano’s shape over the years.
It was into this rather daunting field that David Wilson and his team launch themselves. Piano design was unknown territory for any contemporary British cabinet maker. Four years later Cavendish pianos finds itself established as the U.K.’s only piano manufacturer. Last year Our Contemporary Model won the “Best Acoustic Piano Award” from the music industries Association.

This is Europe’s most notable piano award. David Wilson and his team at Dovetailors are the design heart of Cavendish pianos. Their work has always been of the highest possible standard with a professional and truly imaginative approach to challenges.”