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CNC Wood Cutting Service

Dovetailors CAD CAM CNC services

CNC wood cutting service

Dovetailors’ CNC wood cutting service is flexible to assist our commercial customers with the best way forward to complete their project.

CAD CAM Design service

You may require us to generate the CAD files for you – simply send us a sketch of your design. You may already have a CAD files – just send us your file. We are able to accept many file types – we find that vectorised files are easiest to work from for machining but we can work from photographs, 3D objects, sketches and drawings.

File Formats

Our software accepts the following file formats: .DXF, .DWG, .IGES, .SKP (SketchUp), Rhino, .STL, Solidworks, Postscript, Vectorised PDFs, we can also work from 3D files such as .3DA, .3DP, 3DS, 3D DXF, .STL, .OBJ, .DMT, IGS, & .IGE. If you are unsure just call us and we will advise you.

CNC cutting services

CNC Machining & panel processing

From a single component to a full to complex furniture projects, we can CNC cut, drill profile & shape in a variety of materials (MDF, Plywood, Solid Timber, Wood, Compact Grade Laminate).

Custom Built Bespoke Kitchens and fitted Furniture

We can help you design and build the high end kitchens and fitted furniture components in the style and quality that you require. We will happily discuss your budget requirements and work out solutions that work for you.

Furniture Components manufacturing

We make of wooden parts and furniture components from jigs to intricate product components. We can cut wooden components from a flat sheet or 3D machined from a 3D surface file. We will advise you as to the best way to achieve your objective.

Dovetailors CNC curved work service

Curved work

We have a solid experience on curved work for kitchens, wardrobe, bathrooms, counters etc.. We can create curved frame and panel doors and drawers of any size and radius. We can produce laminated curve panelling or cut curved sections into solid timber directly.

Our CAD and CNC capability allows us to take your computer 2-D and 3-D drawings and cut and shape timber and panels to an accuracy of 0.04mmm. If you do not know how to achieve your vision for a curved design, we do and help you realise your vision precisely.

Complex shapes

We have expertise in working out complex shapes and can help simplify your processes. We can pre-drill holes in all the right places, machine the grooves and rebates, allowing you to get on with your work straightaway.

wood component manufacturer

Vacuum Formed Panels

We can cut out curved door rail and also provide you with the matching vacuum formed curved panel which will be the perfect fit.

Square Spindles & Legs

Thanks to our use of CNC cutting technology we can help you with the sometimes complex and cumbersome production of square, tapered or round legs.

CNC Engraving

Ideal for signs, plaques & personalised items such as restaurant serving boards & menu holders, breadboards. Carving logos or corporate text into your branded displays.

We can also CNC cut 3D wave panels & decorative 3D wall panels which give an incredible eye catching effect.


Our experience means we can CNC cut many materials from MDF, Solid Hardwood, Plywood, Laminated Board, Chipboard, Veneered Board.


We work with a variety of customers –  designers, product developers, furniture makers and manufacturers- and can offer one-off projects to small batch quantities. Whatever your situation give us a call and find out how we can get to the next step in your project.

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