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Meet our Designers

Our Designers

At Dovetailors, we love contemporary furniture design. Our designers take their input from you, from the great styles and periods of the past and we bring to the design process new new technologies and new possibilities.

We don’t make reproductions and we don’t make copies of existing furniture. The designs we make are unique and always designed with you in mind.

David Wilson

Creative Director

Designing is a journey that starts with an unusual idea or a simple request and can sometimes take you to a very different destination. It’s a journey that can be exciting and rewarding for both myself and the client.”

David’s passion for design and innovation is the inspiration behind Dovetailors’ stylish range of products.

As a master cabinetmaker and designer, with a PhD in engineering, he has a unique skillset. David combines traditional craftsmanship with cutting edge computer assisted design technology to push boundaries in design and production.

But as his customers will attest, it’s the way he combines his engineering and furniture making expertise to fulfil his clients every wish that truly sets him apart. From handmade home accessories to complete kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, he takes an initial idea and works closely with his customers to make it a reality, considering the practical requirements as well as the aesthetics of the finished piece. 

John Gabler

Designer until  August 2016

“There is something incredibly satisfying about transforming a tree, a living growing raw material, into a piece of furniture that will become part of someone’s everyday life and remain so for many years to come.”

John grew up in Pennsylvania in the USA. His passion for furniture making began when he worked on a ranch in Colorado, where the native Aspen trees would be chopped down and dragged back to the ranch by horses.

A highly skilled and creative designer maker, John studied furniture design at the University of Tasmania and ran his own furniture business for seven years before joining the Dovetailors team. He is responsible for the day to day running of the workshop and scheduling of projects, making sure each one is delivered on time.

Jason designer at Dovetailors

Jason Winder


“Ever since I can remember I have been designing, drawing, dismantling, building and creating.”

Jason has had a long association with Dovetailors and developed his career in the workshop following degrees in both product design and fine furniture making. He has a particular talent for designing and making beautifully functional