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Ecclesiastical Display Cabinet for Historic Artefacts from Wakefield Cathedral

ecclesiastical display cabinet

15 May 2017BY JenniIN bespoke furniture Ecclesiastical Heritage storage CATEGORY WITH 0 COMMENTS

Ecclesiastical Display Cabinet for Historic Artefacts from Wakefield Cathedral

We have enjoyed an extraordinary collaboration with Wakefield Cathedral throughout their renovation work, undertaking a number of projects over the past few years. Our latest contribution is a new ecclesiastical display cabinet to house a wide range of historic cathedral artefacts.

What we love about working with Wakefield Cathedral is how they’re embracing change by providing different ways to help and serve the community. As well as being a key place of worship, they offer counselling services, provide a meeting place for societies and groups and a venue for the arts.

Their interest in diversity and inclusion really inspires us, and often provides plenty of challenges to test our designers.

Ecclesiastical display cabinet – Our design challenge

With a history spanning over 700 years, the cathedral has accumulated countless stories and artefacts. Whilst embracing modern life, the cathedral is also keen to be open and proud about its history – welcoming the community to learn about it and become included in its future.

For this project, our challenge was to build an ecclesiastical display cabinet that would hold various items of historical significance in a way that would encourage visitors to explore, and learn about, the cathedral’s past.

The cabinet build

To complement the setting of the display cabinet and its beautiful wood-panelling,  we decided that it should have a simple form, with an oak finish. The simplicity of the frame is to allow as much glass as possible to not detract from, but enhance, the display.

For the artefacts’ security, the frame of the cabinet is reinforced with steel and encases axe-proof glass. We have set the cabinet on large castor wheels so it can be easily moved for maintenance. The cabinet is stylish but functional. We have built in a wiring trunk to allow for lighting but also so that any wiring can be upgraded with ease. The display case is hand-finished in oil.

What we love

How the wave of the cornice and the shape of the skirting echo and complement the beautiful architecture of the Cathedral.

For more posts on our collaboration with Wakefield cathedral read about our involvement in the cathedral renovation project and our church furniture project to design and make vestry wardrobes.  We have also previously written about designing church furniture.