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Bespoke Wave Design Gives Fitted Bedroom its own Style

Wave Design Wardrobe

24 Jan 2017BY JenniIN bespoke furniture Fitted furniture storage CATEGORY WITH 0 COMMENTS

Bespoke Wave Design Gives Fitted Bedroom its own Style

fitted bedroom

Fitted bedroom furniture always helps to streamline what should be the most relaxing room in the house and what could be more soothing than fitted units featuring their own gentle wave design?

One of our latest bespoke fitted furniture projects was inspired by some of our previous wave kitchen designs, where customers have used their own interpretation of a wave pattern to create an eye-catching motif that stretches across the cupboard doors.

Our Wave Design

For this fitted bedroom design we explored lots of different patterns before settling on the final shape which features five waves.  The waves use contrasting woods and flow harmoniously across the fitted bedroom units.

fitted bedroom

It was a complex project that was achievable thanks to our in-house CAD and CNC technology and expertise. We combined maple, oak, walnut and burr oak in the waves. We used maple walnut edging and solid oak drawers.

Built to last

fitted bedroomAs with all our furniture, the look is just part of the story. Every cupboard, shelf, door and drawer is built to last. Each piece was designed for strength and durability and manufactured with care and precision.

Working with our clients

We were delighted to be approached with a request for this interesting and individual project. We enjoy coming up with ideas and working with our customer to find their ideal solution.

We are highly experienced in traditional furniture making techniques and we also have the technical and engineering expertise to make this sort of design possible.

If you have a fitted bedroom project or other bespoke design for a kitchen, bathroom or home office please get in touch. We’d love to discuss ideas with you. Email us or call 0113 256 7376