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Dovetailors designs the furniture you really want but can’t find anywhere else.

Our design creativity and engineering expertise allow us to overcome challenges that other companies are unable to solve.

We design everything from individual bespoke pieces of furniture to complete kitchens, bedrooms – even church interiors.

We manufacture for homes, businesses, heritage buildings and institutions and often work with architects and interior designers to provide their teams with specialist furniture making skills and design expertise.

Bespoke Circular dining table - oak and marble top

Bespoke tables with big personalities

Quality craftsmanship

Our makers are highly skilled in traditional furniture making methods as well as in the use of cutting-edge technology.
We create furniture that is innovative, stylish and robust.

What's new at Dovetailors


10 Mon 2016

When it comes to designing bespoke furniture, we like to work closely with you to get the very best out of your ideas. After all, it’s your dream we want to turn into reality and you can be the architects of some stunning pieces. You don’t need to give us detailed plans. Your ideas for […]
Bespoke child's bed in oak for box room or small room

09 Mon 2016

Your bedroom should be a place of calm, your domain – somewhere to relax and sleep after a long day so it’s important to know how to design a bespoke bedroom properly. Space isn’t always an issue when it comes to the bedroom – it’s what you make of that space that counts. After all, […]
design a bespoke kitchen

09 Mon 2016

You’ve set your heart on a new kitchen, studied the space and shape you’ve got to work with so…let battle commence. Easy! you may think but try as you might, you can’t find anything in stores to live up to your dream and you don’t want to compromise – and you don’t have to. Time for Plan […]